Studio 3 Architectural Windows and Doors warrants to the original consumer the quality of workmanship and materials of wood items to be free from defects which might render the product unserviceable. We suggest inspection of all products upon arrival and before installation and finishing. Texture and color variations do not constitute defects in wood items strict compliance with the following guidelines is necessary to prevent voiding this limited warranty. Also, we do not cover dark finishes (paint, stain, etc.). It is the consumer’s responsibility to properly care for and protect all wood items against moisture, water, sun exposure, excessive dryness, etc., and to see that all surfaces, interior, exterior, top and bottom of all wood items are thoroughly painted, varnished or sealed by accepted field finishing standards. The top and bottom of the door must be primed and painted behind the hinges. The door details should be installed facing toward the inside of the house, the glass stop should be facing the outside of the home. If the consumer does not follow these guidelines, the warranty will be voided. Storage of delivered product is the sole responsibility of the consumer. Improper jobsite storage will result in voiding the warranty (i.e. setting the product on raw concrete or leaning against a wall in an unsupported manner).

Studio 3 Architectural Windows and Doors will, without charge, replace or repair any products that may be defective and will do so in the same state originally furnished. The company will not accept responsibility for repainting, refinishing, or any other necessary work to complete the replacement or repair of the product. We do ask for prompt and immediate notification of any items deemed unsatisfactory. Under no circumstances will Studio 3 Architectural Windows and Doors warrant the wood items of the product beyond one a (1) year period, which commences from the date of manufacture.


These products are generally manufactured by others and provided to us as a raw product to incorporate into our finished product. Studio 3 Architectural Windows & Doors, provides a limited warranty to the original consumer against defect or error in workmanship for a one (1) year period from the date of manufacture. Within that time period, we will replace or repair at our discretion any defective material at no charge. Within the same time period, the company will, as a courtesy, remove and reinstall any product deemed irreparable but will not be responsible for any refinishing work associated with the replacement of these materials. Due to the extensive labor involved, insulated glass units in excess of 42 square feet will have a service charge for removal and reinstallation. After the warranty period expiration, it shall be the consumer’s responsibility to complete the replacement of the item deemed defective.


  1. Must be protected from moisture & sun prior to the finish
  2. Must be finished with at least 3 coats of exterior grade finish (over stain) or 3 coats of paint.
  3. A substantial overhand and protection form the elements will minimize components movement to exterior wood doors.
  4. Dark colors will absorb heat & should be avoided. Dark colors will void the warranty.
  5. Doors should be sanded before finishing.